A Travel TBT: Europe 2010

I’ve just spent the day sleeping after arriving home at 7am (ah the joys of flying and perpetual jet lag), and so now that it is night time and I should be sleeping, of course I am wide awake. Since it happens to be a Thursday, I figured why not do a bit of a Throwback Thursday and reminisce over past trip.

So here we go… throwback to Europe 2010! When a girl who was used to suitcases and hotels, short plane rides and cars and North America only trips threw on her brand new backpack, stayed in hostels and met fellow travellers from all over, travelled by train, boat, and foot, and only rarely by plane, through new countries and learned to love the world.

This is my approximate timeline from what I can remember:

Pontoise – Paris – Tours – Bordeaux – San Sebastian/Bayonne – Madrid – Valencia – Barcelona – Marseille – Nice/Cannes/Monaco – Turin – Zurich – Milan – Santorini – Ios – Santorini – Athens – Rome – End of trip. Sad times!

Bordeaux, Marseille, Turin and Milan were all one-night pit stops. All I can remember from Bordeaux and Turin is rain. Marseille, we did go for a bit of a wander through the city. As for Milan, all we saw was the inside of a train station, a taxi, and an airport! We didn’t even stay in a hostel or hotel, instead we slept in the airport as we had an early morning flight!

Favourite cities:

Paris – Paris wasn’t at all what I was expecting. People always refer to it as the city of love, but I didn’t find Paris romantic in any way. I did, however, find it to be a fascinating city with so much to see and do.

San Sebastian: We only had one night in San Sebastian and ended up crossing back into France for a crazy and memorable festival in Bayonne. Although we spent very little time in San Sebastian, and it rained on and off, I absolutely loved the city and intend on going back one day.

Nice – I left saying I can’t wait to go back one day, and five years later I am finally going back! I have a flight there at the end of the month. Only 24 hours, but I can do a lot in 24 hours!

Santorini – Santorini was beautiful and has inspired me to want to see as many Greek islands as possible! We were actually supposed to go to Mykonos after Ios but due to winds and waves, boat was cancelled and we chose to return to Santorini to relax rather than carry on partying in Ios. Also, the food was amazing. I think all the weight I lost from lugging around my backpack everywhere was regained in Greece from all the delicious food.

Because a picture speaks a thousand words, and I am too tired to continue typing or thinking (but not tired enough to sleep apparently), here’s a flashback to my six weeks in Europe! Or, mostly France and Greece as they were my favourites and so I took pictures of everything.

 photo image.jpg31_zpsekci4v19.jpg

 photo image.jpg14_zpsi5nkuwxz.jpg

 photo image.jpg28_zpsgudrvnnf.jpg

 photo image.jpg24_zps1ryrm3en.jpg

 photo image.jpg9_zpsulgwuec8.jpg

 photo image.jpg11_zpsy0jmg1vr.jpg

 photo image.jpg12_zpspfudxzyp.jpg

 photo image.jpg13_zpskiet9t3l.jpg

 photo image.jpg20_zpsjm1y1pnn.jpg

 photo image.jpg4_zpseblnytod.jpg

 photo image.jpg25_zpsl5oigjuh.jpg

 photo image.jpg19_zps7fdyfq6h.jpg
(I think I was trying to figure out what exactly was happening in this picture. Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid)

 photo image.jpg3_zpsxvamqbjz.jpg

 photo image.jpg15_zpsblwsusxa.jpg

 photo image.jpg10_zps848j5oxv.jpg

 photo image.jpg21_zpsmx5ovfpa.jpg

 photo image.jpg30_zpstp7yyuwz.jpg

 photo image.jpg22_zpstt4dpq8p.jpg

 photo image.jpg5_zpsccx9nkfu.jpg

 photo image.jpg6_zpswnalpgsm.jpg

 photo image.jpg23_zpspka7ln2o.jpg

 photo image.jpg8_zpsrtssxqgv.jpg

 photo image.jpg26_zpsby5m9hqk.jpg

 photo image.jpg16_zpsc4mk5ldb.jpg

 photo image.jpg17_zpsxdrdio6i.jpg

 photo image.jpg27_zpsq9i39dsj.jpg

 photo image.jpg29_zpssxerzxsx.jpg

 photo image.jpg2_zpsn5opmjhx.jpg


5 thoughts on “A Travel TBT: Europe 2010

  1. Such a nice throwback! Personally, I just love Santorini. It’s an island which just feels absolutely special. How long you have actually been to Europe? Looks like quite an extensive trip!


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