Nice is nice.

Every month I wait with anticipation for my roster. It reminds me how kids must feel the night before Christmas. Each month is filled with little gifts. Some are the kind that you begged for, some are an exciting surprise, some may be expected and, well, some might just be sad lumps of coal.

My August roster was no surprise to me, but thankfully, no lumps of coal either. I was given a month full of destinations I have already been, which was a disappointment when I bid for new destinations, but at the same time it was a good roster filled with layovers and cities that I loved.

I have a little bit of freedom to swap flights with colleagues, and I jumped on the opportunity of going to Bali, even though it meant giving up Amsterdam, a city I fell in love with on my first visit. I swapped Manchester out for New York City, which is definitely not a new destination, but my absolute favourite so far. My other flights are New York City again (I did say it was a favourite!), San Francisco, Rome, London and Mauritius, and I have one swap left to make.

Speaking of favourite cities, I just got back from a city I’ve loved for years, Nice. When I was backpacking through Europe, one of the cities we stopped in was Nice. I loved everything about Nice. I was beyond excited when (one of those exciting surprises) I got my roster for July and saw Nice at the end of the month. After many years, I finally was getting to go back. Twenty four hours is definitely not enough time, but I still love the city just as much as I did before, and already want to go back.

Everyone says it, and so will I. Nice is nice. Actually, Nice is beyond nice. It’s an absolutely wonderful city that I will always be happy to visit.

 photo image.jpg3_zpsugiubd0p.jpg

The area is called the Côte d’Azur for a reason – for it’s beautiful azure blue sea.

 photo image.jpg2_zpsgdhhgb2v.jpg

The Apollo Statue in Place Massena caught our attention from far away. This statue apparently caused quite a bit of scandal and controversy back in the day, and was removed from Place Massena for many years, and only returned and restored in 2011.

 photo image.jpg4_zpsmv8gpont.jpg

 photo image.jpg5_zpsjitkhliv.jpg

I have a little bit of a fascination and obsession with coloured buildings and interesting doors and windows.

 photo image.jpg7_zpsth1clkfu.jpg

Stunning view from the top of Parc du Château, or Le Parc de la Colline du Château. When translated into english, it turns into the much shorter Castle Park and also goes by the name Castle Hill. The perfect location for a panorama of the city! There are a lot of stairs to get to the top, but if you aren’t a fan of climbing stairs, don’t worry because there is a free lift available that will take you to the top. We chose to take the lift to the top, and the stairs on the way down. There were views from multiple levels, and in all directions. A must do when visiting Nice, and I have no idea how I missed it on my previous trip.

 photo image.jpg6_zps5qsfw11u.jpg

 photo image.jpg9_zpsoqrcgvgp.jpg

 photo image.jpg10_zpse8lxhlo5.jpg

 photo image.jpg12_zpsso6ufk7t.jpg

 photo image.jpg14_zpszvukypbd.jpg

 photo image.jpg20_zpsf6mkk8ul.jpg

 photo image.jpg16_zpslwylvnzc.jpg

An artificial waterfall on the way down, accompanied by a little rainbow. No pot of gold in sight! I suppose there aren’t leprechauns in France.

 photo image.jpg22_zpsaj2bprqq.jpg

Wandering the streets of Vieux Nice. This was the area that first made me fall in love with Nice. Unfortunately I didn’t have as much time to wander through the streets, but it’s a good reason to go back. That, and the beautiful (although rocky) beaches.

 photo image.jpg24_zpsgnevviuw.jpg

 photo image.jpg23_zpsub4cw3cu.jpg

Fenocchio is the place to go to for gelato in Nice. They have two locations, both located in Vieux Nice. The original location is in Place Rossetti, and the second location can be found near Cours Saleya. It was so good we went there twice in one day. Baileys flavoured gelato? Yes please! I don’t know if I would be brave enough to try the tomato & basil flavour though.

 photo image.jpg26_zpsclyq1ila.jpg

Another must do is walk (or run, bike or rollerblade) along the Promenade des Anglais. It’s a beautiful walk during both day and night, but I absolutely love strolling along besides the sea at night, stopping to look at the various artists, dancers and vendors that line the promenade.


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